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Are Bubs Gluten Free?

Bubs are widely recognised as one of the finest pick n mix candy brands, with a variety of shapes, flavours and colours. One of the big benefits with Bubs is that that they are suitable for vegans and are also gluten free, using corn starch instead of wheat. It’s the corn starch that gives Bubs that unique yet delightfully chewy texture, carrying the vibrant flavour exceptionally well. This means that whether you’re entertaining friends, settling in for a chilled Sunday evening with a bag of sweets or heading to a picnic in the park, you can share your Bubs with your friends and family, no matter their dietary needs or preferences.

Bubs is a Swedish family-owned company with HQ in Jönköping and they’ve been manufacturing sweets since the 1990s. In terms of taste, variety and mixing, Bubs is one of the leaders in the confectionary market and we’re pleased to bring you their many tantalising flavours including fizzy and fizz-free sweets. Some of the most popular Bubs include Blue Raspberry Ovals, Cool Melons, Cola Skulls, Micro Skulls, Fruit Ovals, Watermelon Ovals, Lingonberry Foams, Strawberry Cheesecakes, Raspberry Rombs, Strawberry & Lemon Skulls, Strawberry Skulls, Tutti Frutti, Sour Octopuses & Blackcurrant Rombs among many others.

As is the case with all of the sweets here at Bye Bye Gluten, you’re guaranteed a top-notch sense of flavour, texture and shape. If you’re looking for gluten free pick n mix, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Our Bubs Mega Bag is one of our best sellers. It comes in an 800g bag with a mix of fizzy and fizz-free sweets. That said, we also have the Bubs Fizz Free Mega Bag and the Bubs Fizzy Mega Bag, so you can easily find the perfect pack of sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth.