Are Most Sweets Gluten Free?

One of the reasons we launched Bye Bye Gluten was to bring you all sweets that look lush, taste amazing and meet the needs of coeliacs and anyone following gluten free diet.

Whether you are gluten free by choice or necessity, finding sweets that are 100% gluten free is difficult. So to answer the question above, most sweets you will find in supermarkets or online are not gluten free as standard, or those that are may include a note on the packaging that that there is a risk the product could be contaminated with gluten. So much of the information online about gluten free products is in regards to baked products such as bread, pasta and cakes, but when it comes to sweets, many people discover a grey area lacking straightforward information.

The good news is at Bye Bye Gluten, all of the homework is done for you. All of our products are gluten free as standard, so that's everything from our Foam Mega Bags to our Cookies, Fudge and Make A Mega (where you pick your own gluten free pick and mix). It's all gluten free!

We're committed to high standards in food safety and quality control, so if you're especially sensitive to gluten, (or other allergies) then why not check out our collections

Get weekend ready with our heavenly hampers!

Finding the GF sweets and snacks for Friday night? Want to treat yourself or your partner after a long day at work or just fancy something special for your chilled Sunday? You're in luck. Treat yourself, or send your friend/ loved one something that is sure to please with our gluten free sweet hampers.

Go big with the Mega Party

The time has finally come and we have now launched The Mega Party Box to suit every occasion, from birthdays to summer barbecues, picnics, garden parties and movie nights. Choose a box of 25 or 50 200g Mini Mega's and you'll be making a Mega saving – it's the ultimate way to stock up on your faves!

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