Find A Gluten-Free Sweet Hamper For Any Occasion!

For many years, we found it hard to find delicious gluten free pick n mix sweets — it’s why our journey began! We wanted to create an enticing sweet collection for coeliacs and people following gluten free diets, and as we expanded our collection of Mega Bags, Bubs, Mini Megas, Fudge and more, we also introduced the very best gluten free sweet hampers!

The Mega Collection Hamper

It’s the ultimate way to get a feel for the Bye Bye Gluten sweet collection. You have the The Mega Bag, Fizzy Mega Bag, Fizz Free Mega Bag, Penny Mega Bag, Cola Mega Bag and the classic Retro Mega — all in our convenient, resealable 200g bags. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, no matter the occasion!

“My friend absolutely loved this gift! Not many places have gluten free sweets and this made her day! Thanks so much.” -  Melissa W. 

Retro Hamper

The Bye Bye Gluten Retro Hamper is a classic concept with a modern twist because it brings you some of the many big names now selling sweets that are gluten free, such as Love Hearts, Jelly Beans, Drumstick Squashies, Mike & Ikes, Drumstick Choo’s and Vimto Flying Saucers. Please note that this sweet selection is subject to availability and you can learn more here.

Add a gift note 

Of course, in most cases when you’re buying a gluten free sweet hamper, you’re buying for a friend who is following a gluten free diet (by choice or necessity). But finally, there are two of the best hampers to choose from with no compromise on quality, taste and texture! You can also add a gift note to make your present more meaningful!

Don’t forget the Birthday Club

With new people signing up to our newsletter every day, we’re seeing our Birthday club grow at a rapid pace! All you need to do to get involved is tell us your birthday and when it rolls around, you’ll be offered an exclusive discount and special offers!


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