Gluten free pick n mix this Christmastime: Get your fix!

There's no shortage of quality Christmas films, TV series and family time during the festive period, but what makes these moments more enjoyable? Sweets!

Whether your sweet jar is running low, you fancy a few pouches of gluten free pick n mix to enjoy whilst watching Elf, or need a sensational Christmas 2kg Mega Bag to keep your household ticking over with the finest confectionary, we have you covered!

Our gluten free pick n mix will arrive fast and fresh, dressed for the season in our iconic pink and white striped packaging. Whether you're looking to select a personalised collection with a Make a Mega (Pick Your Own Mix), want to order some baked goods before it's too late (must order by midnight tonight to get your baked goods in time for Christmas!) or fancy a Mega Bag with the perfect blend of fizzy and non-fizzy retro pick n mix sweets, you can place your order in seconds.

It's fair to say that our Christmas 2kg Mega Bag has become a big hit, as has our Christmas Mega Collection Hamper, with 6 Mini Mega Bags of our whole collection, including, The Mega Bag, Fizzy Mega Bag, Fizz Free Mega Bag, Penny Mega Bag, Cola Mega Bag and the classic Retro Mega.

Over the last year, we've grown considerably, not only meeting the needs of coeliacs and people with other conditions associated with gluten but a much wider audience. Our sweets are loved by all, and The Christmas Collection has been a huge success so far. every bag of sweets you buy from us not only helps a small business but also ensures we can continue adding new flavours and creating new collections to satisfy your sweet tooth and be your "home" for all of your favourite pick n mix!

We'd like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks for all your support!

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