Indulge In Irresistible Gluten Free Pick n Mix!

We’re sure you will have already noticed; more people are 'going gluten free' — not just by choice, but also out of necessity.

Coeliac disease rates are rising, with an average increase of 7.5% per year over the past several decades. Furthermore, gluten free diets are popular because they can provide various health benefits, such as easing digestive symptoms, reducing chronic inflammation and promoting weight loss.

As a result, the demand for gluten free sweets continues to grow. It makes sense. Why shouldn’t you be able to eat all of your favourite sweets just because you’re following a gluten free diet? This is the very reason our business was born — to bring you an enormous collection of delicious pick n mix sweets, with a blend of tangy, zesty, fruity and heavenly flavours! 

Find your favourite GF sweets at Bye Bye Gluten

We, like you, were growing frustrated with the lack of quality GF confectionary available at your local shops or big supermarkets. Gluten free sweets used to be hard to come by, and in some locations up and down the country, that’s still the case — but we’re able to deliver our Hampers, Mega Bags, Bubs, Mini Megas and Fudge across the UK. So, whether you're looking for something to share with friends and family, want to tuck into the best sweets on a chilled Sunday or fancy a few bags for your picnics in the park, we have a comprehensive range of gluten free pick n mix available.

The Mega Collection Hamper is one of our latest additions, and it’s the perfect starting point in many ways, because it allows you to explore some of our iconic flavours! It brings you six Mini Mega Bags:

  • Mega Bag
  • Fizzy Mega Bag
  • Fizz Free Mega Bag
  • Penny Mega Bag
  • Cola Mega Bag
  • Retro Mega Bag

If you’d like to select your favourite flavours, why not take a look at our Make a Mega (whereby you Pick Your Own Mix). From Dolly Mix to Apple Slices, Fizzy Chips, Glow Worms, Strawberry Tarts, Red Lips, Shrimp and Terrific Turtles, we’re sure you’ll find a bliss blend that takes your fancy!


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