Merry ‘Gluten Free’ Christmas 🎄

Bye Bye Gluten have all the treats you need this festive season, so fill your boots…or should we say stockings.

Having a variety of gluten free sweet treats at your fingertips has never been so easy. Our wide range of sweets and festive cookies are perfect for treating your family and friends, but not just those who are coeliacs — the taste is like no other!

☃️  Our Christmas Mini Mega Stocking Filler is the perfect size for secret Santa gifts or well to fill a stocking. Choose from our range of 52 classic sweets such as a candy stick, fizzy peaches or Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles to name a few —and we’ll bag them up in our festive mini mega bag and deliver it direct to your door!

☃️ Like to mix it up? Why not try our Christmas 2kg Mega Bag that’ll see you through Christmas just nicely. Snuggle up in front of a classic Christmas movie and indulge in our finest mix of gluten free sweets — 2kilograms of them! Alternatively, you may prefer our The Christmas Mega Collection Hamper with 6 mini bags crammed full of our favourites including The Mega Bag, Fizzy Mega Bag, Fizz Free Mega Bag, Penny Mega Bag, Cola Mega Bag and the classic Retro Mega.

☃️ Bake me up before you go go! Why not try our Christmas Santa Cookies or our Christmas Cookie Pizza topped with different sections of gluten free deliciousness. After a pretty crumb-y year, these gluten free cookies make the perfect Christmas treat. 

We have gluten free sweets and cookies for all this Christmas, so wrap up warm and enjoy some spectacular palate pleasers this festive season. 

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