Newly launched: Foam, Strawberry & Animal Mega Bags!

Bye Bye Gluten has launched a series of new gluten free pick n mix collections:

These new bags of gluten free pick n mix not only give you more options when it comes to stocking up on your favourite Bye Bye Gluten sweets, but add something a little different and exciting to our immensely popular GF sweets.

Mouthwatering Chewy Foam Sweets

The Foam Mega Bag features delightfully moreish bananas, shrimps, ice-creams, teeth, toothbrushes, mushrooms and fried eggs. If you'd like to try a Mega Bag that's a little bit different with sweets offering a delightful soft yet chewy texture, this is the bag for you! You can order yours here.

A refreshingly sweet strawberry sensation

The Strawberry Mega Bag features some of our most popular strawberry fruit picks with the perfect blend of fizzy and non-fizzy sweets. From strawberries and cream to strawberry milkshake bottles, puffs, tarts, twist kisses and sugar strawberries! If you're looking for exciting strawberry sweets to put a spring in your step, we have you covered. You can order your Strawberry Mega Bag here.

Retro Animal Themed Sweets

The Animal Mega Bags are certainly trending and have quickly become one of our best sellers in recent weeks. There's a lovely blend of fizzy and non-fizzy sweets, with dolphins, glow worms, pigs mugs, shrimps, terrific turtles and yellow belly snakes among others. If you like the sound of the Animal Mega Bag, why not place your order today and get delicious gluten free sweets delivered to your door!


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