Sweets that are Free of Gluten & Full of Flavour

The gluten-free diet is becoming increasingly popular, but there is some debate about whether or not it actually affects the flavour of food.

Some claim that gluten-free food 'tastes different', while others say that they can't taste any difference.

So, what's the truth? Does gluten free food taste different?

Going gluten free doesn't mean you suddenly have to sacrifice flavour or your favourite treats. Gluten free food tastes exactly the same as regular food 98% of the time, but it depends on the individual product. For example, there's no denying the fact that gluten free bread will taste different to wheat-based bread, but different doesn't necessarily mean it's not as tasty. The flavour and texture can be quite different to a person who has never tasted gluten free bread before, sure, but it's a matter of personal preference.

What about gluten-free sweets?

Prior to launching our collection, we carried out many blind taste tests with the majority not noticing any difference, finding our gluten-free pick n mix is just as expected – full of flavour. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. These ingredients can be included in lots of different foods, so if you are following a strict gluten-free diet, it's important to ensure the following products are not listed in the ingredients.

  • barley
  • barley malt
  • brewer’s yeast
  • bulgur
  • durum
  • farro
  • graham flour
  • malt
  • malt extract
  • malt flavoring
  • malt syrup
  • matzo
  • rye flour
  • wheat flour

Not having any of these ingredients in a bag of sweets doesn't mean they need to taste bad. At Bye Bye Gluten, we develop collections that are very much based on nostalgic and mouthwatering retro penny sweets that are gluten-free as standard. This means that when you shop our online sweet shop, you never have to worry. Plus, on each product page, you'll see a full list of ingredients for added peace of mind.

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