What Are The Best Sweets For Coeliacs?

Even if we go back five or ten years ago, coeliacs (and anyone following a gluten free diet) didn't have a great deal of options available in terms of confectionary. At Bye Bye Gluten, we've changed the game. Finding delicious sweets that don't contain wheat, barley or rye has never been easier. 

You'll be able to enjoy all your favourites but also try new sweets as they land. For us, it's really important people with coeliac disease can continue to enjoy all of their favourites. Our Mega Bags are among our best-sellers. Whether you prefer fizzy GF sweets, or fizz free, we have you covered. If you're a fruit lover, you'll discover a medley of zesty flavours, like Apply Slices, Berries, Blackberry & Raspberry Gems, Blue Raspberry Bottles, Fizzy Peaches, Fizzy Twin Cherries, Fruit Pastels, Giant Bananas, Strawberry Puffs, Twin Cherries & Watermelon Slices. The list goes on! 

For those who love a hint of nostalgia, the best gluten free sweets are Cola Bottles, Glow Worms, Ice Creams, Jelly Filled Turtles, Midget Gems, Milk Bottles and many more! That said, there is no easy answer to "what are the best sweets for coeliacs?" or "what are the best sweets for you?" It depends on your individual tastes. This is why we've created a collection of gluten free sweets that is by far the broadest out there, and you only need to check our reviews to see how much our confectionary is loved by coeliacs in the UK and overseas.

If you love fudge but have not quite found the right GF option with a divine texture and flavour you've come to the right place. With honeycomb fudge, chocolate orange, coffee and cream, chocolate smarties and banoffee, we have a flavour for everyone. Our sweets are not just for coeliacs or people following a gluten free diet. in fact, many people say they are "the best sweets they've ever eaten!"

You can explore all of our products online, whilst making a purchase is quick and easy. At times, we do run discounts so be sure to sign up to our newsletter. You can also join our birthday club for exclusive special offers!


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